Not so vintage


Not so vintage 
Dress: Topshop 

Apologies for lack of posting its been hectic! Today's outfit was a little bit of a challenge for me. I'm not always a great lover of shopping on the high street, I've been shopping vintage for years now and once you start you tend not to go back. Don't get me wrong, here and there shopping on the high street is fine. It has great easy accessible things but sometimes easy accessible can be well -not a good thing. 

So with not working much this month and the local vintage shops more alike to vintage high priced boutiques. Strap for cash me went down to Topshop. Thinking I would go for something completely not me and ended up getting something so vintage inspired and shockingly me its almost as if this piece what's been in my wardrobe for years.

Topshop have stocked Autumn / winter 15 and this striped dress is one of their many pieces. My favourite part is the flared arms (ruffles are my thing) flared pants can take a hike but when arms flare they capture my heart. The dress is quite tight fitting when it reaches the bottom so bare this in mind when thinking of sizes. 

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