(Monochrome) Winter shopping Style OOTD



Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Coat: Vintage
Hair styled : Using Tresemme perfectly undone curler

I ran a couple of errands today before going antique shopping , it wasn't my original plan but needed to kill a bit of time before catching the bus back. Does anyone else find it awkward taking outfit shots in public? I spent half my time first finding someone to take it but secondly trying to not be in too of a bustling place so people could stare at my awkward poses. I've given up trying to look remotely natural in these pictures anymore. I also got a few things from the boxing day sales so might do a haul later on in the week?

I really loved my hair today and really recommend this product, my curls are still in now and its nearing the end of the evening. I wouldn't bother with Tresemme's hairspray though any normal hairspray does the job and for half the price. I used the Tresemme hairspray last time and it didn't actually help the curls at all infact sent my hair spiralling into frizzy.

Til the next time,


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