2016 fresh start looks - Highstreet new collections (January 2016)

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Hi everyone!

With only a couple days left until New year I think its only right we start a fresh with everything right? That includes our clothes! This month I've attempted to have a good look around the highstreet for a couple of picks that I think would be perfect for starting off your year. These looks are a cute selection of outfits that could be perfect for going back to college/ school or even just a fresh look for your casual weekend wear. These are all from the new 2016 collections, and begin to invite an insight into what we might be wearing in the new year. Let's begin!

Topshop: £38.00  -
Yes contrasting details and buttoned down skirts are still the rage however more geometric prints have been introduced and the fabrics for these new designs are alot more colourful. Thank god is all I can say! Why is it everyone has to dress so morbid in the winter?

 River Island: £45.00
The old play suit is back. Is it just me who feels uncomfortable calling them that?
This pretty pastel pink play suit would be perfect for both day and evening wear.

Zara : £39.99 - Flounce dresses are in well at least I presume they are because examining every shop at SS16 catwalk they were all there.

Asos: £22.00
Peplum and double denim - wearing one of these cute short peplum denim tops with jeans seems to  be a cute solution to a casual 'what do I wear today dilema'

New Look:£19.99

The other day I went to a blogger meet were we were discussing these shoes. I am not a particularly a fan at the moment but these shoes.. trust me are going to be in a lot of new collections. The pointed loafer is an attempt at a more feminine look, these would look great with a preppy look maybe with a checked skirt and suede jacket or brown jumper.

Any take your fancy? I quite like the pink topshop skirt but I am a typical gravitate to anything remotely pastel. The question is what will you be wearing in 2016?

Til the next time,


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