Sailor style

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Blouse: Urban outfitters vintage 
Jumpsuit: miss selfridge - sold out - alternative 

Sailor style

Once again yours truly neglects the fact it's winter - the colder it becomes the more powerful and crazier my outfit choices seem to be. It actually poured it down during these pictures hence the drowned rat hair. Anyhow today's outfit is in a cute sailor style. The blouse is vintage and has various layers of frills and I'm sorry but I'm a sucker for anything frilly. Normally vintage pieces would be hard to replicate but I'm pretty sure you could replicate it with any floral blouse. You could use and extra bit of material or use a bow from a different blouse and mismatch them. 

The jumpsuit thing (I've no idea how you're supposed to refer to them) is currently sold out but I tried to find something that was near enough. I paired it with black tights but if you're feeling particularly brave you could go for a thigh high combo, maybe with thigh high boots  

Til the next time,    


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