Statement skater coat

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

1940s style coat -
Coat: Asos
Scarf : Topshop 

I am so incredibly tired...
So I haven't made a post in a good while. I've been busy with coursework deadlines and uni applications and all, apologies. 

A good winter coat is what you really need in this weather. In the UK as per usual it's raining so this one is just what I  need. It's quite long without boots, just about knee length with. It has pleating all around the back and buttons lining the front and crease in the back. It was thicker than I thought it would be but as winter is coming up that wont be a problem. The coat is a nice skater style, which is one of my favourite styles as it sucks in your waist haha! You can click on the link to shop the coat, I got the scarf from Topshop a couple of weeks ago and its fast becoming one of my most worn scarves.

My umbrella is the most boring item ever.. Does anyone know where to get any statement umbrellas? I could really do with one. But with my track record with umbrellas breaking maybe I should stick to my boring black one.


Til the next time,


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