Mulling over mustard

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Blouse: Asos 
Skirt : boohoo
Shoes: oasis 
Cardigan: primark

I didn't think these colours would complement each other but I was obviously wrong. It's all about bright colours paired with more subtle mustard tones this week! The detailed print on the blouse is really autumnal. I'm really finding it hard to let go of all my summer clothes at the moment ( post summer blues?) Even though summer didn't really come to the UK! Nethertheless I'm trying to break out the appropriate colours but just mix matching. This is more of a casual outfit, I tend tower this style for my everyday college life. 

It's nearly Halloween and as I'm still in college half term as well! Which means chocolate and possibly more themed outfits ???? We will see 😂 

Until the next time,


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