Blending into the background

Friday, 2 October 2015


Dress: asos 
Blouson : saks fifth avenue 
Boots: iconic
Sunglasses: asos 
Belt: kangol 

It's finally October 🎃🎃 the start of spooky month haha! Just coincidence that today's ootd happens to be black. All black infact. I'm actually wearing two dresses, the first is a blouson style and I've layered it with a a-line dress. I thought the style needed a slight pattern so i didn't run the risk of being completely in one block colour. I didn't think I would need sunglasses in October but I'm certainly enjoying this random sunny spell of weather. The outfit kind of has a witchy vibe to it, wasn't originally intended but I think I can live with it. In the spirit of the season and all that! 

Til the next time 


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