Beige is not boring

Friday, 23 October 2015

" Beige is not boring "

Dress: Tenki 
Jacket : Dixie 
Socks : asos
Boots: topshop 

Sorry I haven't been as active, college had been hectic. 
It's the last day of college for half term today!! Halloween is next week meaning I'm starting to feel that spooky mood ( yeah I know I'm a big kid) I really love Halloween and all the winter months and celebrations that go with it. Especially bonfires night ✨ which is fairly soon as well. Talking of fireworks this Sparks another autumnal outfit post! 

I feel this outfit had a bit of indie vibe . The patterns on this dress also remind me of a tepee. I'm basically wearing 50 shades of beige today but I think the darker colours complement the mood right now very well. Who said beige had to be boring? When you got a little pattern ey? The boots are a new addition to the family. The jacket however is not ,making a little comeback from an earlier outfit post this Dixie jacket is actually quite light but snug at the same time.  

I've got a haul coming up next week so stay tuned for that. Had a little spending spree which broke my wage packet but a girls got to shop! 

Til the next time, 


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