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Friday, 23 October 2015

Beige is not boring

" Beige is not boring "

Dress: Tenki 
Jacket : Dixie 
Socks : asos
Boots: topshop 

Sorry I haven't been as active, college had been hectic. 
It's the last day of college for half term today!! Halloween is next week meaning I'm starting to feel that spooky mood ( yeah I know I'm a big kid) I really love Halloween and all the winter months and celebrations that go with it. Especially bonfires night ✨ which is fairly soon as well. Talking of fireworks this Sparks another autumnal outfit post! 

I feel this outfit had a bit of indie vibe . The patterns on this dress also remind me of a tepee. I'm basically wearing 50 shades of beige today but I think the darker colours complement the mood right now very well. Who said beige had to be boring? When you got a little pattern ey? The boots are a new addition to the family. The jacket however is not ,making a little comeback from an earlier outfit post this Dixie jacket is actually quite light but snug at the same time.  

I've got a haul coming up next week so stay tuned for that. Had a little spending spree which broke my wage packet but a girls got to shop! 

Til the next time, 


Sunday, 11 October 2015

Mulling over mustard

Blouse: Asos 
Skirt : boohoo
Shoes: oasis 
Cardigan: primark

I didn't think these colours would complement each other but I was obviously wrong. It's all about bright colours paired with more subtle mustard tones this week! The detailed print on the blouse is really autumnal. I'm really finding it hard to let go of all my summer clothes at the moment ( post summer blues?) Even though summer didn't really come to the UK! Nethertheless I'm trying to break out the appropriate colours but just mix matching. This is more of a casual outfit, I tend tower this style for my everyday college life. 

It's nearly Halloween and as I'm still in college half term as well! Which means chocolate and possibly more themed outfits ???? We will see 😂 

Until the next time,



Thursday, 8 October 2015

90's miniskirts

Blouse: h&m 
Skirt : topshop
Boots : iconic
Belt: kangol 

I went on a walk today with a friend, I'm counting that as my exercise for the month haha. I've been trying to live a more healthy lifestyle but how can I when Chinese takeaways and pizza exist? 😩🍕 I'm going to try to do more exercise but I wouldn't count on it.

I'm looking very 90's today! In love with mini skirts at the moment. You can't go wrong with a blouse and skirt combo especially in these Autumn months. Tights are a must right now but l can still get away with not wearing a coat. (Just)

Til the next time,



Friday, 2 October 2015

Blending into the background


Dress: asos 
Blouson : saks fifth avenue 
Boots: iconic
Sunglasses: asos 
Belt: kangol 

It's finally October 🎃🎃 the start of spooky month haha! Just coincidence that today's ootd happens to be black. All black infact. I'm actually wearing two dresses, the first is a blouson style and I've layered it with a a-line dress. I thought the style needed a slight pattern so i didn't run the risk of being completely in one block colour. I didn't think I would need sunglasses in October but I'm certainly enjoying this random sunny spell of weather. The outfit kind of has a witchy vibe to it, wasn't originally intended but I think I can live with it. In the spirit of the season and all that! 

Til the next time 


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