Beige is not boring

" Beige is not boring "

Dress: Tenki  Jacket : Dixie  Socks : asos Boots: topshop 
Sorry I haven't been as active, college had been hectic.  …

Mulling over mustard

Blouse: Asos  Skirt : boohoo Shoes: oasis  Cardigan: primark
I didn't think these colours would complement each other but I was obviously wrong. It&#…

90's miniskirts

Blouse: h&m  Skirt : topshop Boots : iconic Belt: kangol 
I went on a walk today with a friend, I'm counting that as my exercise for the month ha…

Blending into the background

Dress: asos  Blouson : saks fifth avenue  Boots: iconic Sunglasses: asos  Belt: kangol 
It's finally October 🎃🎃 the start of spooky month haha! Just…