Filter or not to filter that is the question?

Friday, 4 September 2015

Instagram is one of my favourite social media platforms mainly and plainly because its creative, fun and hasn't yet been taken over by overbearing parents much like Facebook. Though I must admit I have seen minion quotes sneaking up onto my activity feed once and a while (not best pleased).

Lately I've been getting quite a couple of tumblr questions and instagram dm's asking me how I take and edit my photos. So I thought instead of answering a million times, I would just make a blog post. Bare in mind I am no master, I'm just an average looking girl trying to make it in this selfie social media age. Meaning these are just things I've experienced and worked for me.

So here I go,

Taking the photos

Sometimes it takes me a minute or 30 minutes to get a photo right, generally photos taken of scenery, flowers, nature extra are taken on my camera which is a Nikon D3200. I love this camera so much because its actually really clear and takes crisp photos. For outfit shots I actually just use my phone, I currently have an Iphone 5S and the camera quality is generally good though is a bit iffy in some lighting. 

These days you don't need to be a super photographer there are apps that can help filter and edit for you. These are some I've found pretty helpful

VSCO CAM - Currently an Iphone & Ipad app VSCO cam lets you apply a number of filters to your photos. It is also possible to brighten and crop photos but I think this app is better for adding lighter filters that give a professional feel.

MeituPic - Meitupic lets you edit and retouch photos with good enhancing skills. This app also lets you edit your skin but personally I feel it looks a little too edited. If you are looking to over enhance your eyes for big anime girl look then this is the app for you.

ColourSplash - Basically this app 'does what it says on the tin' . The app allows you 
to edit the colour of your photos from a dramatic black and white all the way through to a neon colour palette.

If apps aren't for you there are numerous ways to help you take a better photo.

1. Take loads! Not everyone is a super photographer, when taking outfit shots I have discovered this. Asking two people to take pictures of you in the exact same position will, I repeat will come out differently 

2. Generally if the photographer bends down to waist length of the subject the persons legs and body will come out elongated ( meaning you will look taller and slimmer) 

3. Taking photos especially selfies against the light, that way your skin will be illuminated but won't completely look like a light bulb that you cant see your skin. 


Selfie tips 

1.  Have a clear background! Solid walls and lighter background colours look 10x better than a busy background.

2.  Tilt your head slightly down, it will slim your jaw and face

3. Holding your phone really high doesn't always mean you will get a great selfie (believe me) try holding the phone not directly in front but just a little higher (just above eye line)

4. On iphones you can take photos with one of the volume buttons instead of trying to press the shutter release button.

As I stated these are just tips I have found helpful in the past, I'm still trying to work out how to take a shockingly beautiful selfie but for now these things have helped me on my perilous journey through the scary world of posting my face on social media.

Until the next time,


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