I can't believe it's not but- another floral blouse

Blouse: asos  Shorts: warehouse Boots : iconic Bag : chloe Belt: kangol
Friday at last! This week has not been a good week to say the least but I'm tr…

70's patterns

Blouse : vintage  Cardigan : topshop  Skirt: h&m  Tights: Asos  Boots: iconic Bracelet : pandora 
Brown and beige colour palatte is a classic aw15 look…

Cliched colours of autumn

First autumnal outfit of the year ✨ yes it has the cliched colour palette of autumn but I deeply missed brown earthy colours and suede. Let's beg…

Filter or not to filter that is the question?

Instagram is one of my favourite social media platforms mainly and plainly because its creative, fun and hasn't yet been taken over by overbearin…