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Thursday, 31 December 2015

A 2015 round up and one last look of the year

Today's look is accompanied by a sort of roundup of the year.

It's New year Eve and every ones social media is filled with optimistic resolutions and evaluations of the year. Unfortunately I am no different, 2015 has been pretty good to me, sure there have been ups and downs but I'm thankful for them as I feel I have learnt from them. This year I started a new blog, got to work with some amazing people, completed by AS levels and began A2, applied to Uni and got accepted for every course and had the chance to really make some long lasting friendships.
Next year I hope to focus more on myself and my studies. I want to be able to improve my fashion style, be more daring and adventurous because I now feel like I can. I'd love to concentrate more on my writing as well. I feel as if my style has become more concentrated over the last year around vintage fashion and I absolutely love that. I want to continue to be that quirky individual and never succumb to that worried confusion I had just a couple of years ago. I'm extremely apprehensive to begin this year Its a big academic year but also I have a long way to go to complete some personal goals. So even though this sounds optimistic I'm scared as hell!

Today's OOTD definitely I feel represents me right now, bold,arty and little wacky. Recently patterns upon patterns are all I can wear. They don't quite match yet they feel just right.

So there is nothing more to say but I hope 2016 is a good year for us all, thank you so much for the likes/views and support I have received this year and lets make 2016 a good one!

Til the next time.

Blouse: Vintage
Skirt: Zara 


Wednesday, 30 December 2015

The perfect dress for the perfect occasion - Special occasion dresses at Rosa Novias AU


The perfect dress for the perfect occasion - certainly a daunting prospect! So many dresses, so many colours. That special occasion will always feel special but when you're in a dress with that extra sparkle, that one thing that makes you stand out on a big day. That will make the memory and the moment exceptional.

Never fear, unique dresses are just a heartbeat away! Rosa Novias AU has a selection of remarkably beautiful elegant dresses.  Rosa Novias is an online UK based shop which sells a range of dresses including Wedding, bridesmaid, prom, evening and formal. Classy, elegant and unique is how I would describe the brand. The dresses are just beautiful! I selected some of my personal favourites at the bottom of the blog post but it was hard to choose just a few.

  The dresses are a reasonable price and have wonderful discounts meaning you can get a dress at an even better price, every dress is custom made so you can be sure that you could find the perfect dress suitable for your size and exact preference. After all it's your big day! You wouldn't expect anything less! That perfect dress is just waiting for you and me too. I'm definitely going to invest in that pink organza dress

Pink organza dress
 Chic Empire Sweetheart Lilac Purple Ball Gown Prom Dress
 Wonderful Ball Gown Floor-length Prom Dresses
 Irridescent Sleeveless Mermaid Satin Prom Dresses

 Spaghetti Strap All over Lace Pattern Wedding Dress with Chapel Train
 Exquisite Spaghetti Straps Tulle A-line Hand Made Flowers Beading Sweep/brush Train Tulle Wedding Dresses

If you want to know something more about Rosa Novias AU and its fabulous dresses you can visit this page : http://www.rosanovias.com.au/

Til the next time,


Monday, 28 December 2015

(Monochrome) Winter shopping Style OOTD


Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Coat: Vintage
Hair styled : Using Tresemme perfectly undone curler

I ran a couple of errands today before going antique shopping , it wasn't my original plan but needed to kill a bit of time before catching the bus back. Does anyone else find it awkward taking outfit shots in public? I spent half my time first finding someone to take it but secondly trying to not be in too of a bustling place so people could stare at my awkward poses. I've given up trying to look remotely natural in these pictures anymore. I also got a few things from the boxing day sales so might do a haul later on in the week?

I really loved my hair today and really recommend this product, my curls are still in now and its nearing the end of the evening. I wouldn't bother with Tresemme's hairspray though any normal hairspray does the job and for half the price. I used the Tresemme hairspray last time and it didn't actually help the curls at all infact sent my hair spiralling into frizzy.

Til the next time,


Sunday, 27 December 2015

2016 fresh start looks - Highstreet new collections (January 2016)

Hi everyone!

With only a couple days left until New year I think its only right we start a fresh with everything right? That includes our clothes! This month I've attempted to have a good look around the highstreet for a couple of picks that I think would be perfect for starting off your year. These looks are a cute selection of outfits that could be perfect for going back to college/ school or even just a fresh look for your casual weekend wear. These are all from the new 2016 collections, and begin to invite an insight into what we might be wearing in the new year. Let's begin!

Topshop: £38.00  -
Yes contrasting details and buttoned down skirts are still the rage however more geometric prints have been introduced and the fabrics for these new designs are alot more colourful. Thank god is all I can say! Why is it everyone has to dress so morbid in the winter?

 River Island: £45.00
The old play suit is back. Is it just me who feels uncomfortable calling them that?
This pretty pastel pink play suit would be perfect for both day and evening wear.

Zara : £39.99 - Flounce dresses are in well at least I presume they are because examining every shop at SS16 catwalk they were all there.

Asos: £22.00
Peplum and double denim - wearing one of these cute short peplum denim tops with jeans seems to  be a cute solution to a casual 'what do I wear today dilema'

New Look:£19.99

The other day I went to a blogger meet were we were discussing these shoes. I am not a particularly a fan at the moment but these shoes.. trust me are going to be in a lot of new collections. The pointed loafer is an attempt at a more feminine look, these would look great with a preppy look maybe with a checked skirt and suede jacket or brown jumper.

Any take your fancy? I quite like the pink topshop skirt but I am a typical gravitate to anything remotely pastel. The question is what will you be wearing in 2016?

Til the next time,


Tuesday, 22 December 2015

It's all about the 60's shift

Cardigan: Yesstyle 
Boots : Dorothy Perkins 
Other items vintage 

Quick little update to the blog - yes it's about ten to one in the evening or should I say morning? I can't sleep and thought hey let's make a post.

Green is one of my least favourite colours and yet I'm wearing it with pride. Very cute little 60s style shift dress. Which have been I believe quite popular. I think I prefer a line dresses but I really do love the 60's style so I thought I'd give it a go. The pink cardi is probably not a colour I would of paired it with originally but after the not so careful thought process of thinking "meh let's try it" I think it looks quite satisfying. 

Skin care has been doing pretty great the moment I've got some makeup and things to test out over the holidays so I'll probably do a review separately. I'm wearing: 
Foundation : Jane Iredale Ivory 
Concealer: Mac select cover up 
Mascara : L'oreal miss manga 

Til the next time, 



Saturday, 19 December 2015

Decorations galore!

It's the most wonderful time of the year 🎄💕✨ 

Dress: vintage 

So it's Christmas time (well nearly) and I'm attempting to get in that mood. I've only just put the Christmas tree up! I know a little late, probably the latest I've ever put the tree up! This 8ft 5 tree took hours to get ready but I'm really pleased with the results. After a step ladder and a bit of might I think it looks quite majestic. It kind of reminds me of the tree on the movie miracle on 34th street? So I'm trying to restrain myself from screaming "it's The catalogue house"  every time I walk in the sitting room. I invested in a lot more Christmas type things this year such as plates and mugs. As well as decorations and garlands, the ornate baubles are my favourites! 

The dress I picked up really cheap at a vintage shop in York a while ago. It isn't the comfiest of outfits but the yellow is such a warm colour to be wearing on the run up to Christmas! 

Merry Christmas! 
Til the next time,


Wednesday, 2 December 2015

On Wednesdays we wear pink


Coat: miss selfridge 
Shoes : Matalan 

Pink! Yes I love it - after of years of loathing this colour as a child I have returned to my girly ways and rekindled a love for this colour! 

Winter is upon us meaning it's time to begin wrapping up in big coats and furs. 
This coat is perfect for winter with a fluffy fur collar and pastel pink palate. The buttons are really detailed and intricate. It actually has pockets (you wouldn't believe the amount of coats I have without pockets) I'm not sure why designers don't include pockets in everything?? 

The Boots are super comfy and are about 3 inches I got them way back at the start of summer ready for my trip to Japan. Block heels are an absolute saviour for people like me who can't walk in heels 😂
I've had an absolutely terrible week so far so I'm hoping that if channel more pastels and bright colours somehow my week will mimic the mood. 

Till the next time,



Thursday, 26 November 2015

Going mainstream?

Biker jacket in suede: Dorothy Perkins 
Skirt : Vintage
Jumper : H&M
Blouse : Zara

Biker jacket and tennis skirt combo 

Today I feel like I'm going mainstream with a twist? Or maybe I've lost the plot and conformed, well we will see...

so by now you might be overdosed on tennis skirts and well who can blame you? They've been the staple piece on Instagram for pretty much a year but that doesn't stop me loving them. These days I'm trying to find one that's a little different from the AA style and I think this vintage one does the trick! If you're like me and don't like wearing what everyone else does but like the style it can be quite frustrating! But don't worry I have a solution - go vintage! I can guarantee you will find the piece but with more detailed and more of a quirky twist! 

The jacket is in suede and yes I know suede is also everywhere. But gosh darn it! It's so cute, comfy and warm. Just because a piece or trend is everywhere doesn't mean you can't jazz it up a bit and change round the way you wear to appear different. That doesn't mean I will be wearing ripped jeans anytime soon (I have a quite strong revulsion for them) 
However this weeks outfit findings have made me ponder on how I can mix match items and styles more. 

Tim the next time, 


Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Sailor style

Blouse: Urban outfitters vintage 
Jumpsuit: miss selfridge - sold out - alternative 

Sailor style

Once again yours truly neglects the fact it's winter - the colder it becomes the more powerful and crazier my outfit choices seem to be. It actually poured it down during these pictures hence the drowned rat hair. Anyhow today's outfit is in a cute sailor style. The blouse is vintage and has various layers of frills and I'm sorry but I'm a sucker for anything frilly. Normally vintage pieces would be hard to replicate but I'm pretty sure you could replicate it with any floral blouse. You could use and extra bit of material or use a bow from a different blouse and mismatch them. 

The jumpsuit thing (I've no idea how you're supposed to refer to them) is currently sold out but I tried to find something that was near enough. I paired it with black tights but if you're feeling particularly brave you could go for a thigh high combo, maybe with thigh high boots  

Til the next time,    


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