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The Valentines Edit 

Valentine's day is fast approaching in less than a week actually now and I'm sure the funnel of Red and pink content will fill your feed's. Some, really hate the over-commercialisation of valentines or Christmas, others will just get sick and tired of seeing a blogger prance across a road with a heart shaped bag. I'm completely the same, in fact, although being a blogger myself I 100% see the cliches. I'd like to say I keep well away but that just isn't true. But the fact is I do get tired, but I really do like holiday content. I'm currently following over 300 accounts on Instagram whittling down a handful of friends most are fashion accounts. Do NOT get me started on the Instagram algorithm (come on Instagram what are you doing?) It's like hashtags do not even work anymore and I do not want to see three brand posts on the top of my feed. Mini rant over, I love to see holiday content because although people copy each other and so on. Creativity is out there and even though my post or spin might not be original. I had a fun time shooting it and I love celebrating a holiday despite it being cheesy or in your face.  So here I am flaunting one hell of a red poofy dress, for an evening or occasion look not just for valentines but whenever you want to be a powerful woman in red. (Just maybe not down the office in this one you know) 
This dress is from ASOS Premium and is in fact in the sale! I'm not sure if I'm just stupid but I had to look at the model to see how this dress tied as I completely got it wrong the first two attempts. The open back is a new one for me and I like how it isn't a heavy dress it's rather light. 
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The dress is made out of lightweight tulle and a fine netting above. It reminds me of a 50's prom dress in a way and is certainly extravagant for a price tag now under £30. The dress is actually fast selling out as well, I myself am guilty of buying something I wouldn't usually wear in the ASOS sale.  Honestly, this dress is one, but I even though it's not one I can wear every day, I really like knowing I have a dress like this in my wardrobe. 
I talked about what makeup I use for every day over on Instagram the other day, the post is here. Today I have those two products but I am also using the Estee Lauder Pure colour envy lipstick. As well as the Urban Decay Naked palette. The Two brown ones and the grey. (NO I'm no makeup blogger I just know the looks of the colours).  

50's Style spotty Green Dress | The Quirky Class Vintage 

Hello & welcome back today is the official launch of the Quirky Class Vintage shop, well a trial run. You can now shop my vintage looks directly from me in my shop function here. Including this lovely pastel green dress. 

I think it's definitely something lovely for spring, this dress is a size small fitting a size 8 below. The classic fitted skirt is lovely and I believe is perfect for layering with knitwear or wearing solo. Styled here with a lovely skater coat from Tralala a Japanese brand, a beige beret and beige heels from new look. For a casual day look style with boots, cardi and beret. For the evening, kitten heels, bolero and statement tights. Shop this dress here

         In Bloom | SS18 

Spring is upon us and the end of season sales have been in full swing.. which means, of course, I have gone a little bit crazy buying anything vaguely old and new season. I swear every time there's a sale I gravitate to the new in-page first. The first of many items you will see me strutting on the blog in the next couple of weeks is this lovely light pastel floral blouse and yes it was and still is on the sale... so be quick.
Every year fashion trends come and go. but every spring florals never leave in the words of Miranda (Meryl Streep) in Devil Wears Prada 'Florals for spring, Groundbreaking'. It certainly is unsurprising but yet here I am on the bandwagon.  The pleather skirt isn't new but a nice addition to transition from one season to the next. Despite its deep burgundy colour, I generally use it in summer as a dark yet stand out item. 

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Pink Check Skirt | The Quirky Class vintage

 Hello! Welcome. I have taken a little break from blogging to bring you some lovely new content and exciting things for 2018. Including the launch of the Quirky Class Vintage, I will be selling Vintage items I am wearing on this very blog. Only one vintage item will be shoppable so you will have to be fast. I will be introducing you to the items slowly within blog posts and then on the launch in about a month everything will be up for sale on the shop function of my blog. I am very excited about this feature, every vintage item has been hand selected by myself to bring you the very best quality items. To celebrate this new feature two blog posts including the new items will be up this week. 
The shop launch date will be in February hopefully but stay tuned in case it comes forward. 

Now on with the post! I took some time to walk around a new exhibition at the art gallery looking a little pretentious in the beret/ polar neck art combo. But what can I say, that's just me. 
This pink skirt speaks for itself. A lovely check print, its versatility is endless. I love the pastel baby pink colour that is perfect for spring. It is a size 8 and is genuine 90's vintage, as soon as I saw this piece I knew I wanted it and so would someone else. My guilty pleasure is shopping and shopping for other people through me is an even bigger passion. I couldn't wait to style this with a matching jacket combo but unfortunately, I could not replicate Cher from clueless but I think this look works just as well.


Preppy Checked cardigan | Preparing for spring  

Hello! My all new blog look is here and so is a new mindset and some exciting things coming up this year. January is the month I swap, throw or move my winter wardrobe into two sections stuff I immediately need and I begin to buy in new or vintage for spring.
Spring 2018 I'm stepping up my blog game and I'm excited about the content to come, my outfit today is that weird transition time where its' a mix of old and new.

January is also the time of back to university for me and I seem to be playing to the preppy stereotype once again with a checkered urban outfitter's vintage cardigan. I found this piece and loved that it was a mix of blazer and cardigan. For the older garments, I have this mustard skirt that has featured as a staple on this blog over winter. I went on a complete splurge for mainly tights and socks over the holiday sales, I think adding an extra element to an outfit will force my attire to be even more striking than usual. 
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My top preppy picks for January click the image to shop the item 

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