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60's floral's | The Birthday look

I do not look it but believe it or not I'm actually 20. I wore this outfit for my birthday and not only does it incorporate my favourite decade its pink and floral. I'm not going to blather on but my entire look is from the high street today, just digging the 60's vibes with this one. The blouse is still available in three sizes and is under £13 in the sale and they also have discount codes on at the moment if you're a student too! 

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I wore a Polka dot dress 

I feel like I can't get blunter than that. Recently I just have been this blunt about everything and when it's come to this blog I haven't really wanted to write or articulate anything. 
Heres what I'm wearing... go buy it. I love clothes and I like to find where other people get them. But the problem I have is supply and demand of this. I buy clothes often sometimes every day but I don't always buy clothes that people can get... I buy vintage. I find this really hard to then blog about because I can give no links. I like shooting photos and showing you my style but instead of trying to find clothes that are on trend or fashionable. I'm just going to do me. 

I'd like to take this blog in a different direction soon, by showing you what I make, how to find the best vintage and how to find vintage-inspired looks from the high street. I think with time I've got lost over the last couple of months. But I'm back and I really want to try harder with this. So here we are an online store dress you CAN Buy and its got a lil retro twist.

 I'm Katy Alicia and I wore a Dotty dress.

V Neck Polka Dot Ruffle Hem Dress

Spring is here | SS18 farewell to the beret 

It's painful to say this but it's time, RIP beret you had a good winter run and I'm sure with this on and off again British weather you will be back soon. But for now, it's farewell. So this is the official first spring outfit and I'm easing into it with the tights, but no coat in sight and for one I am glad. So what will I be wearing this spring? Well as you may have seen me shamelessly plug I have a depop like so many other people. I was attempting to spring clean but it seems I have stumbled into some shops and somehow bought more than I originally had. SO, I have a steady stream of clothes to go up on their if you want to check that out here. I did set myself the task of the start of this year to get a lot more vintage 60's items into my wardrobe and I've done just that ... so keep an eye on that soon.

As for new items I've got a couple of must-have items for this month of kinda spring kinda not. 
That transition phase ya know. 

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Spring picks 
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Quirky bows and pea coats | Fully Thrifted 

I have never felt more like an anime girl than I do right now, bows on everything by now you should know is my thing. But a big collar too, I haven't had anything like this for quite a while and although I debated this vintage piece mulling it over in the shop for a couple of minutes. I took the chance and I love it. 
It's like nothing I've ever had and something no one else does. I'm once again reviving the fully thrifted blog posts because I fully support buying vintage. If you're new and are not familiar with fully thrifted it's basically an entire outfit of vintage items, or with one or two that you can buy. To demonstrate how easy it is to pair a vintage look with the mix of the new and old. A lot of my items are vintage, as well as highstreet I like to mix the styles. Uniqueness is always on my mind when buying vintage, sorting through the tat and finding the gems. That's what I live for. 
The only item that is not vintage is the adorable boots you can find similar here
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Shop my depop for vintage items here 

An 80's flair | Bold patterns 

The 80's is one of the eras that was great for music but clothes ... not so much. But despite this preconception, I've held for many years I've decided that I will in fact and well... have tried an 80's inspired look. SLIGHTLY! I love the use of colours from yester years but the 80's really brought some cool and funky patterns. I'm not a fan of shoulder pads or those awful bum bags that are zooming around the high street right now. But a colourful pattern that helps me live my Crayola dreams, yes I can get behind that.

SO here it is:
A rundown 

Sadly the jacket is no longer available but it's from Monki I've attached some similar colourful jackets below!
Two of these are from Monki I'm wearing a size XS and it's very roomy/ oversized 
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The skirt is vintage Topshop but I have found the similar ones to replicate the look 
My bag can be bought from my depop here: 

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